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Hadley Hudson, Owner

With over 40 years of experience in all aspects of the copiers’ industry (sales, service rep, supervisor, manager, and now owner), Hadley stands behind his business motto, “Even on a sunny golfing day, customers come first!” by always providing unmatched customer service.


Simona (Sam) Hudson, CFO 

With over 23 years in the accounting field, Sam is the engine that drives our business. When someone calls, she asks, "How can we help?"

With a heart for service, and a drive to solve any problem to our customer's satisfaction, the result is always a win-win situation. Also, Sam is a very proud mom of an Eagle Scout who currently serves in the Navy.  Sam enjoys being a  volunteer pilot with the Cycling Without Age program that serves Lynchburg and surrounding counties.


Irby Hudson, President of Sales

Since 1968, Irby has sold almost every brand of copiers, and he considers Toshiba the best brand he has ever sold. Along with his 55 years of experience, people love having him around for his humor and spiritual acumen.

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